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From the Harvest to the waving art

“Palmata carludovica” is the original name of the plant where the toquilla straw is extracted. This kind of plant grows in the Ecuadorian coast, in the province of Manabi.

The straws are boiled in huge pots in order to eliminate the chlorophyll and achieve the bleach.

Women and men start the process of knitting. This process can take over tan five months, especially in the highest quality hats.


The finishing process continues, when the craftsmen sew up the brim and it gets round and soft.

The straws are collected and carried to town after two hours journey.

Afterwards, the straws are dry in the sun to get the intended bleach to convert them in soft fibers.


Once they’re finished the knitting, the bells are washed and sun-dried.

inally, the Panama hat gets shape by using wood block and steam iron.


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